Teardown of new 100 kWh Tesla battery container reveals new cooling complement and 102 kWh capacity

After a teardown of Tesla’s given dropped 85 kWh battery pack, long-time Tesla owners and battery tinkerer Jason Hughes was a initial to move adult a fact that Tesla’s packs don’t always have a same ability as advertised. He found that the 85 kWh battery container indeed usually had a ability of adult to 81 kWh and ~77 kWh serviceable capacity.

Hughes got his hands on a 100 kWh battery container and did another teardown to exhibit Tesla’s new cooling complement and that it doesn’t have a same ability as advertised. Though this time, it’s a aloft capacity:

Article source: https://electrek.co/2017/01/24/tesla-teardown-100-kwh-battery-pack/

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