The German plug-in vehicle market was up 6% in 2016, having registered 24.776 units, reaching a market share of 0.74%, slightly above the 0.72% of 2015. But growth pattern was not the same between battery [...]

Heavy-duty electric truck builder Orange EV has announced that all of its on-road truck configurations are now eligible for the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), which means that fleet buyers [...]

Tesla Store, Melbourne-Richmond, Australia Tesla informed owners in Australia via email that the Supercharger route from Melbourne to Brisbane is officially ready. The company added three stations to complete the 1,000 mile corridor. Like well, everywhere….a [...]

  Paris has added a vehicle color-coded sticker program to its campaign to clean up the city’s polluted air and improve the health of local residents. The government’s “Crit’Air” system bans all diesel-powered cars registered [...]

After a teardown of Tesla’s since discontinued 85 kWh battery pack, long-time Tesla owner and battery tinkerer Jason Hughes was the first to bring up the fact that Tesla’s packs don’t always have the same [...]

Canadian electric vehicle startup Girfalco revealed two models of its Azkarra three-wheel electric car, one a high-performance version that whisks from 0 to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds — hypercar territory. Designed for both road [...]

Presenter: Sandeep Kar, Global Vice President - Mobility and Bharani Lakshminarasimhan, Program Manager Product as a service will dominate industry narrative as proliferation of electronics and connected truck technologies creates new logistics business models. Moreover, [...]

NewMotion, Europe’s largest smart charging solutions provider for electric vehicles, releases findings from its first annual customer survey, revealing attitudes towards electric vehicle usage throughout Europe. In 2016 the number of electric cars on the [...]

DigiNow has contrived a way for non-Tesla EV owners to take advantage of that brand's extensive level 2 "destination charging" network. DigiNow is a small company that produces hardware specifically for electric motorcycles as well [...]