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GE Launches WattStation Connect Software

GE WattStation Connect

WattStation Connect

Earlier this week at the SAE 2012 World Congress, GE Energy Industrial Solutions unveiled its new WattStation Connect software platform. This eco-system, so to speak, has been two years in the making. A company rep told Discovery News that the Android and iOS apps will be available “in the next couple of weeks.” In addition to the Web interface, these mobile applications will have implications for both drivers and station owners.

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EV drivers will be able to locate WattStation charging locations within a certain radius, see the rates and whether the stations are currently in use, reserve them and get directions. Owners can use the software to remotely monitor their stations’ energy costs and use, manage pricing and generate reports. This functionality is enabled in part due to the stations’ ability to network through cellular 3G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections, in conjunction with partnerships currently in the works.

According to GE Reports, GE is working with a “well-known online payment company” to enable EV drivers to make secure mobile payments for their charging via RFID. The company is also working with “key navigation companies” to share installation and availability data throughout its network. Along similar lines, Hertz rental cars and future built-in vehicle navigation systems will also be capable of receiving this helpful EV station info directly.

Credit: GE Energy Industrial Solutions

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