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Auto Electrifying Vengence on National Plug-In Day

What’s all this electrifying vengeance all about? Electric cars and documentaries. That’s what.

On October 16 — several days before Chris Paine’s documentary, Revenge of the Electric Car, rolls into theaters — electric car owners will wheel their vehicles onto streets in LA, NY, DC, SFO and other cities — including oil-guzzling Detroit! — in a nationwide celebration staged for transmission of information about the benefits of driving plug-ins.

High on the list of plusses for plug-ins is (1) the cessation of US dependency upon foreign oil and (2) the much-needed, little heeded call for reduction of carbon emissions, an environmental protection essential.

The first-ever National Plug-In Day, a joint project of Plug In America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association, suggests that the era of electric cars has arrived. Activities include parades, pipe-less tail parties, and test drives. Paine will appear as one of the speakers at the Plug-In Day celebrations in LA.

Rolling into theaters on October 21, Paine’s Revenge shows how auto makers have been racing to be first to develop a viable electric car model and make it to market.

Revenge and Plug-In Day mark a mighty big transition from the situation shown in Paine’s 2006 documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car?, which revealed the way in which automobile manufacturers recalled and destroyed some 5,000 electric cars that they’d leased to test drivers — including high profilers like Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Phyllis Diller and Peter Horton — who’d found the vehicles to be amazingly efficient and affordable, and had come to love them.

As a sequel, Revenge chronicles the auto makers’ reversal of attitude, documents public opinion and introduces a new twist to a popular topic of conversation: What do you have in your garage? Tim Robbins narrates the film, and those who comment include Danny Devito, Jon Favreau, Stephen Colbert, Adrian Grenier and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as executives from General Motors, Nissan and start-up Tesla Motors.

Check local listings for Plug-In Day activities in your town and for Revenge screening times. Meanwhile, read my full review and watch the trailer.

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